The Giant List of Goals, or What I'd Like to Accomplish in 2014

Image by Jay Roeder

I love the new year, if for no other reason than I get to create my giant list of goals. As a whole, it’s not entirely sensible and is partly wrapped up in my love for list making as it is for actually getting anything done — but I can’t help myself.

Goal making in general is a good thing, I believe. Though what works best, in terms of what kind of goals and how they are approached, really depends on the individual. Massive lists like I make don’t work for everyone (and sometimes it doesn’t entirely work for me).

Figuring out what works best is experimental, a process of testing the goal-soaked waters to figure out what works. Every year I take a look at last year’s goals, see what I accomplished and test out some adjustments to the system in order to see what else might work.

Lightning Droplets talks about choosing process over goals, focusing on developing systems for ongoing progress, rather than setting a single goal that can be dropped once it’s a completed.

Last year, I came up with a plan that involved creating “Primary Goals” that would be my main focus per year, as well as a set of “Secondary Goals” that represented wishful-thinking kinds things I hope to get done, if I hve the time. Also, because some of my goals are giant in and of themselves (e.g., write a novel), I also created weekly goals in order to break things down in to bite-sized pieces that wouldn’t over whelm me. The weekly goals also allow me to work toward process, creating a habit of getting something done every week. On the whole this plan worked for me, and I was pleased with what I accomplished in 2013. So, I’m using the same method this year.

I would love to hear about your own goals or plan for getting sh!t done 2014! Please leave me a note in the comments below and/or link to your own goals/resolutions post.

Primary Goals

1. Edit Under the Midday Moon into a novel draft ready for beta readers

I’m feeling at a standstill with my novel. I’m getting close-ish to the end, but I’m struggling through it. So, my plan is to write the main ending scenes, so that I have a better sense of the end, and then proceed to the rewrite with the aim of having a complete novel in readable form by the end of the year. Rewriting the beginning chapters to understand the conflict and relationships better should put me in a better position to know how to make the ending work.

2. Participate in at least two 5k events

Since, as of this weekend, I’ve run two miles straight through, and I know I will be able to run 3 miles by the end of January, the next step is to participate in some 5k running events for fun and glory.

Bonus round: Run a 10k (6 miles!)

3. Submit two chapbooks and/or full-length collections of poetry for publication

I managed this last year, so I’m sure I can pull this off again.

4. Address finances

This is going to take some figuring out. Budgeting – keeping a sharp eye on spending and cutting costs – is the first key step and is the one that is most within my own control. So, I’m going to start with that.

Next step is to come up with a plan that might earn me some more dollars per month. I’m not entirely sure how to make that work yet.


Secondary Goals

– edit 6 stories and submit them to paying markets
– post a Flash Fiction post once a month
– finish Fay Fairburn 1st draft

– perform morning poetry ritual (read one poem, write one poem) everyday
– submit 12 new poems to paying markets
– begin work on my novel-in-poems idea
– post a new poem to wattpad as a part of The Poetry Project every week
– continue work on my series of fairytale inspired poems

– post a new youtube video every month
– write a feature film spec script
– create a short film

– attend FogCon
– attend one additional convention/event
– attend and/or participate in 12 open mics/readings (0/12)
– participate in the 48 Hour Film Project

– create a system to track money spent/earned as writer and maintain receipts

– do yoga five days a week (a minimum of three sun salutations each morning)
– incorporate salads and healthier options into my meals a minimum of 2 days per week
– make appointments as necessary (don’t avoid doctors)

– send postal Birthday Cards out to family members
– connect via mail and phone with long distance family

– adjust my perception of “having enough time,” because it’s not just about having enough, but using the time you have wisely
– meditate for at least ten minutes every morning after yoga & every night before sleep
– do a new set of affirmations every month