It's the little things

Last night I transferred files over from my old computer to my new(er) one, thanks to a coworker. I was so excited when I did this, I could barely breathe, let alone speak. To go with the cliche, I was electrified.

This sounds on the outside like no big deal, so let me give you a little back story.

Two and a half (or so) years ago my PC started crapping out on me. Mouse stopped working, then the keyboard. It was unusable.

I lived for a period of months without a computer at all, borrowing computer access when I could and using library computers (god bless libraries). I stored all my files using my email, just forwarding the files to myself, so I had access to them on any computer I was on. This was incredibly frustrating as a writer, since it was difficult to keep current files straight, among other many problems with this system.

Then, blessed be, I was able to finally buy myself a shiny new MacBook and I was assured by the store I bought it from that I could bring in my old laptop and they would transfer the data over, even with the keyboard and mouse not working, no problem. So, a week later I brought the two computers into a local Apple store and was refused. The staff member said, no, no, he couldn’t transfer the files without it being a local computer, because they couldn’t take on the liability of removing the hard drive from the system.

Dejected and confused, I went home and continued using my shiny new Mac, but not on full capacity because I always intended to call the Apple store or a computer store and try to get the info and files and music transferred, but didn’t. The more I used my computer, the less I wanted to give it up for a few days or a week, and before I knew it two years went by.

It never once occurred to me to ask my techy co-worker, of course. Who this week took my hard drive out of the computer, transferred the files at home, and gave me back both the hard drive and a USB stick with all my files on it.

I can’t believe it took me two years to have someone help me with this.


But now I have music! and photos! and all my old poem, story, and writing files! Even though those poems and stories make me cringe at how bad they are! The point is, I HAVE THEM!


So, I spent all last night organizing my writing files. Some horrible, some with potential, some I completely forgot that I’d written.

It was fantastic.