Short Stories

A Dream of This Life, Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 035, September 2018 – “The shadows are thicker than they should be. They fill up the corners of the room, pool under the crate that serves as a TV stand, nestle into the discarded clothing and wadded up fast food wrappers on the floor.”

Missed Connections / Red Head at the House of NeedlesDrunk Monkeys, August 2018 – “i am normally not the kind of dog who whistles at women on the street or stalks them with my eyes.”

The Shadow’s FlightSlink Chunk Press, December 2016 – “The Shadow peels itself from the station wall and balloons into a human shape, stretching toward the image of adulthood and managing only a lanky adolescence.”

Work in Progress

The Cold Nothing Taste of Winter
Length: Novel
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Description: Claire’s dad is a werewolf — a secret she keeps safe, even from her best friend. But she won’t be able to keep it secret forever.
Status: drafting/editing