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Short Stories

How Bluebeard Ends, Corvid Queen, June 28, 2019 — “The cabinet stays closed and locked always. The plain solid wood, glossy and slick, houses a simple iron lock. It is only opened when the nightmares come, a flash of red in the dark of her sleep wetly filling up her soul with sticky fear.”

A Dream of This Life, Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 035, September 2018 — “The shadows are thicker than they should be. They fill up the corners of the room, pool under the crate that serves as a TV stand, nestle into the discarded clothing and wadded up fast food wrappers on the floor.”

Missed Connections / Red Head at the House of Needles, Drunk Monkeys, August 2018 — “i am normally not the kind of dog who whistles at women on the street or stalks them with my eyes. i figure ladies have enough to worry about without some creeper giving them a hard time”

Work in Progress

The Monsters I Keep
Length: Novel
Genre: Young Adult Horror
Description: A young woman wanders the apocalyptic world alone, followed by the hungry shadows of her past and present.
Status: drafting