Your Molten Heart / A Seed to Hatch

Your Molten Heart / A Seed to Hatch

Date: 2018

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Your Molten Heart / A Seed to Hatch — This limited-edition chapbook of erasure poetry, sourced from past issues the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, explores the relationship between the self and a collective consciousness that has the power to “unleash enviable culture”.  Created on newsprint paper with colored pens, each of the poems is visually textured,  reflecting the rough edges of life and love.

Sample Poem

Your Molten Heart-Stone copy

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Printing of this chapbook was funded through Kickstarter. I am grateful to everyone, including the following individuals, who offered their support in order to make this chapbook possible. You are all amazing.

Yvette C. M. Abelow
Amelia Albanese
Veronica Arreola
Brad Baker
Bon Bonch
Dagmar Baumann
Jessie Carty
Tricia Copeland
Ellie Curran
Athena Dixon
Samantha Duncan
Lisa Eckstein
Ann Marie Fellom
Jamie Henderson
Claire Holland
Paul Koerber
Tracie Lucas
Shiloh Mae
Beth V. Mañalac
Allie Marini
Ken Parmalee
Lana Phillips
Diane Severson Mori
Nicole Shaffer
Pilar Svendsen
Adrià Tappi
The Pan Galactic Gargle-Blaster of Patrons, Ian
Christine Vittorio
Holly Lyn Walrath
Allyson Whipple