A couple things mentioned on my livejournal, but not here.

1. Nano has started and I am, um, participating this year. *gulp*

I haven’t actually launched into my word count yet, partially because I’m reluctant to start on the novel, when I have just a few scenes of my short story “White Noise” to finish up (and of course they are not coming easy). Anyway, going to a couple of writins is sure to get me moving.

2. I have a series of short stories going, called The Many Adventures of Fay Fairburn.

Fay Fairburn is a mysterious character with a love of life and chaos and being silly. Her hair color changes often (currently it’s electric blue). As for her background? Well, she hasn’t told me too much about herself yet, so we’ll all discover more about her as the stories progress.

I’m doing these stories as a part of a livejournal contest, called LJ Idol. A new prompt is posted each week. I write a Fay story on it (other people write other things), and then all the entries are voted on. It’s fun and is pushing me to come up with a lot of new stories that I might not have thought of otherwise.

If you want to read the Fay Fairburn stories, you can click here.