I shall not cry; I shall write.

My story, “Shaking Hands,” was rejected by the Machine of Death, Vol. 2. I really, really, really wanted to get in. But considering they had almost 2,000 submissions and they only had room for 30 stories, that’s not anything to feel bad about.

The form letter suggests that the editors might create some other kind of project at a later date, as they liked a lot of the stories provided to them. So in a way, my story is still in the running, but as they are focusing on getting Vol. 2 to print, it will probably take a while to hear back on that front.


No worries. In the meantime, I have to rewrite and find a place to submit “The Witch of the Little Wood,” finish and go through rewrites on “White Noise,” keep posting Fay stories for LJ Idol, and also somehow get a Nano novel written — I have a lot of writing to keep me occupied. (^_^)

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