Second verse, same as the first…

Two walks were stashed under my belt this week (the second one was a bit rough, as it not only included intervals of running, but there were hills involved), and I got three days of morning yoga in. So, I’ve got the baby steps going in terms of physical activity.

Nothing else got accomplished this week. Again. I’m choosing not to beat myself up, however, because my day job was particularly stressful in terms of projects that need to get done on a deadline and so forth. I just needed the mental vacation when I went home at night. It was a good thing.

Things to do in the coming week:
– Contact Apple store or computer guys and get data transferred from the old computer to the new one (may require giving up my computer for a few days)
– Write Chapter One of Novel
– Walk/Run at least three days this week & at least 2 miles each day
– Make a list of poems I want to include in the collection
– Make edits to two of the poems I know I want to include
– Contact my sisters accountant to find out about setting up an IRA
– Do yoga (three sun salutations minimum) each morning before work


How are you all, mis amigos? Have a good weekend?

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