"The day mispent, the love misplaced, has inside it the seed of redemption."

~ Kay Ryan, Say Uncle

Work toward three out of my four main goals were a bust last week. No progress was made toward my novel, compiling my poetry manuscript, or gathering the tails of my finances together. “Write First” did not happen at all, and a part of the problem is if I’m at home, I tend to get too distracted to write. So, getting out to the coffee shop is where I need to be. Also, I tend to write more when there’s pressure, so I’ll be throwing down a bunch of words once my next Writing Gang event looms in a couple of weeks.

I did, however, manage to walk three days this week (with Sunday’s walk being a nice long 4 miles) and did two mornings of yoga. I can already feel how much happier my body is, just from this small beginning. Just walking is good for now, because I don’t want to progress too fast and injure myself. But I’m thinking I could start some interval running later this week or this beginning of next, which will get my started on the “Run Three Miles” goal.

Main things to do in the coming week:
– Contact Apple store or computer guys and get data transferred from the old computer to the new one (may require giving up my computer for a few days)
– Write Chapter One of novel
– Walk/Run at least three days this week & at least 2 miles each day
– Make a list of poems I want to include in the collection
– Make edits to two of the poems I know I want to include
– Contact my sisters accountant to find out about setting up an IRA
– Do yoga (three sun salutations minimum) each morning before work


How did your week go? Did you meet your goals?

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