Monthly check-in – Jan/Feb

It’s been a good month (see last month’s goals), despite some slow and lazy weekends.

Fiction: I successfully completed each of the therealljidol prompts that came up, resulting in four new Fay Fairburn posts and 6,114 new words. I’m enjoying working on this project and meeting the weekly deadlines is a fun challenge and is great at keeping my work count up. However, I’m starting to find that the addition challenge of reading all the other entries each week is starting to wear me out. A part of me wouldn’t mind if I didn’t stay in the competition much longer (another part of me really, really wants to get into the top 100).

I did not complete draft zero of my new story as I had planned. I have, however, been making progress with about 2,500 new words (I think). I have several random scenes laid down right now and I’m not sure how they all connect yet.

So, 8,614 (ish) words of fiction written over the last month brings me to about 12,474 (ish) words for the new year, which when seen all stacked up like that makes me feel pretty awesome.

Poetry: A few new incomplete tidbits of poetry have been laid down, and three poems have been published this month: Comfort at Last, The Teeth that are Teeth, and Bird Collides with Window.

Other: A new youtube video was posted for Valentine’s Day, called A Love Poem for the Books of Stephen King.

And in terms of exercise, I’ve slacked. Big time. I haven’t been doing my morning yoga the last couple of weeks and my back is definitely complaining because of it.

Thinks to do in the coming month:

  • Complete the draft of the new short story. This is absolutely necessary, as the deadline for the anthology is coming up.
  • Complete the LJ Idol prompts (i.e. Fay Fairburn chapters) as they come up, which is necessary if I want to stay in the competition.
  • Edit and submit “White Noise”
  • If possible in between everything else, get another 3,000 words of the Untitled Werwolf Novel down.
  • Write two new letter poems
  • Compile and submit some poetry
  • Put “Shaking Hands” up on my website
  • Do the damn morning yoga 5 days per week.
  • Buy a house plant and frame the art I have in an effort to make apt more homey.
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