Whoops. I'm a day late. Just pretend it's Monday (or don't, I want the weekend to come too much).

I felt fairly productive last week, not as much as I could have, but still fairly productive. I wrote several poems, including some blackout poetry and one in particular was written for a specific market, but needs some more polishing first. I also posted a quick youtube video, after I found out that I now have over 100 subscribers. I got some more of my Germany stuff posted, too, but should really wrap it up soon.

On Saturday I went to the open studios art tour in Santa Cruz with my mom (after a giant greasy breakfast, of course). I was hungover, so I felt like I was floating the entire time I was there, but I really enjoyed seeing all the art work on display. Some of my favorites were:

  • Robert Larson, who takes discarded cigarette and matchstick packages and turns them into art work.
  • Nick Anderson, who does amazing fantasy and surreal paintings that just drip with eerie beauty
  • Susan Vaghan, who creates elaborate, sculptural assemblage pieces out of a variety found objects
  • Jennifer Pond, who’s paintings are playful and funny

There were many other amazing arists, of course, but these were the ones whose cards I managed to grab.

* * * *

To do in the coming week:
— finish posting photos and any write ups for Germany (some were done last week)
— write/edit 2-3 poems (already on my way, as I wrote one poem this morning and began another)
— submit something for publication
— post a youtube video
— draw anything
— get some words down on that blasted short story