Um, interesting title about my novel goes here

Current Project: Under the Midday Moon
New Words: 1297
Current Total Word Count: 8,034
Goal: Put together an workable draft of the novel that I would actually let someone read.

Accomplished: The first half of Chapter Three.

Random Rough Sentence(s): I was tempted to tell Adam about my parents, because what else is a best friend for, if not for talking it all out, but I didn’t know if I could handle saying the word divorce. So, I just said, “Psychedelic.”

Notes: I’m still struggling with these opening chapters, feeling like things are moving too slowly. I keep thinking that there’s more I want to fit in and it’s not all particularly inconsequential. For example, I almost forgot to include Claire’s potential love interest in Chapter Three like I originally intended. He’s in there now, but it seems like a lot is going on in the chapter. I know it’s not precisely right, but onward.

In other writing news: I also finished a new poem last night and compiled a submission, which is ready to go out today. All this work had me up to midnight, which makes me zzzzZZZZZZZZZ.

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Who's a good little Chapter One? Why you are!

Current Project: Under the Midday Moon
New Words: 1866
Current Total Word Count: 6,737
Goal: Put together an workable draft of the novel that I would actually let someone read.

Accomplished: A new draft of what I think will be Chapter One. At least, it resembles chapter one, though it may not be chapter one later.

Random Rough Sentence(s): I kissed the top of dad’s head before heading through the door and down into the basement. The stairs led down to a landing and then veered right. The basement was fitted out with a little seating area on the right, a bunch of random boxes on the left, and rows of wine racks along the back wall. One of the racks from the center had been removed, rolled out of the way on hidden wheels. Behind it a steel door with inch thick bars stood open, revealing a stone walled cell.

So, like I said a new Chapter One is down on the page, which works much better than my old chapter one (the version I was previously agonizing over). I’m resisting the urge to go back and reread any of it, because I know I’ll sit there and cringe and start hating everything I’ve just written, if I do. So, I’m going to move on to upcoming scenes, assuming I can just figure out what they are.

In other news: My foot is still acting up and what’s frustrating is I can’t really tell what’s triggering it. If I go on a walk/run it hurts, or sometimes it feels better. If I stay off it, it feels better, or sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it hurts when I ice it. Sometimes it feels better when I ice it. Sometimes when I wear my regular flats, the foot feels fine. Sometimes when I wear the flats it hurts. Same with my comfy tennis shoes. I can’t seem to fully pinpoint what’s causing the resurgence of pain, so I’m not really sure what action to take to make it all better. At this point, I’m planning to just do what I’m going to do and get on with things, because waiting around for it to heal is driving me crazy.

In other, other news: Susie Subaru has been sold, which is both wonderful and a little sad.

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A little bit of flesh and blood

Current Project: Under the Midday Moon
New Words: 1435
Current Total Word Count: ~2,500
Goal: Put together an workable draft of the novel that I would actually let someone read.
Accomplished: The second half of what I think will be Chapter Two

Random Rough Sentence(s): The sun was bright and glaring, reflecting off the fog that sat over Anchorage below. Standing there, breathing heavy after the last leg of the hike, it was easy to believe everything beyond this moment had been erased. Only a few higher mountain peaks poking out of the fog gave any indication there was more than just the two of us in all the world.

Notes: Chapter Two is progressing kind of interesting in the sense that I have Adam falling in love Jasper, but instead of drawing out the suspense of that first meeting, I have them immediately going on their first date. This puts them at the start of their relationship rather quickly (no watching the cute guy be all mysterious across the room). It feels like I set up the love interest and then am resolving it very quickly, which could be killing the tension, and I’m not sure will work in the context of the rest of the novel. I guess I’ll just have to see how it evolves.

In other news, while writing Chapter Two, I discovered where I want to go with Chapter One. Both, it turns out, will involve blood splatter and chunks of flesh, though in rather different contexts.

Being a belated Monday Update…

Saturday was spent in babysitting my niece and a significant chunk of that time was spent with her sleeping on my chest, while I watched The Goonies. Honestly, she’s the most delightful time-suck in the world. Going to hang out with her is a joyful black hole of baby love. No regrets.

Plus, I did a fairly good job at being productive before that, having managed to pull together a readable version of Chapter One of Under the Midday Moon in time for the Writing Gang meeting (it took me working on it through my lunch break and submitting it the day of the meeting — thank baby Jesus for deadlines, without which I would get nothing done). I’ve been having a hard time knowing where to begin with this story, but eventually figured that it was better to start somewhere rather than not putting words down at all. The resulting Chapter One was still not the right place to start, but the Gang offered some great feedback that now has me thinking of new scenes and perhaps a better place to begin. I couldn’t be where I am without having put those words down, so yay!

In terms of the physical, I managed to do two out my required three days. I absolutely could have fit that third day in there, but didn’t. Turning on the TV without specific purpose (eg., having a specific show to watch) is a problem for me. It’s easy to let a lot of valuable time vanish that way.

No work was done on the poetry or the financial side of things. *le sigh*

Things to do in the coming week:
– Write Chapter Two of Novel
– Walk/Run at least three days this week & at least 2 miles each day (1/3 down)
– Make a list of poems I want to include in the collection
– Make edits to two of the poems I know I want to include
– Contact Apple store or computer guys and get data transferred from the old computer to the new one (may require giving up my computer for a few days, hard to do when I’m in the midst of wanting to write)
– Contact my sisters accountant to find out about setting up an IRA
– Do yoga (three sun salutations minimum) each morning before work (1/5 done)

Anyway, how have you been and how are you doing?

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What I'd Like to Accomplish in 2013

I’m doing this a little different. While I liked my Massive List of 2012 goals (everything was together!), it was a little unfocused, allowing me to hop through willy-nilly. Instead I’m going to try working with primary goals (those that must be accomplished first) and secondary goals (things I would like to get done at some point, but only after I’ve made progress on my primary goals). If I can complete these four primary goals in 2013, I will be a very happy lady.

Primary Goals
1. Finish a coherent draft of Under the Midday Moon (my no-longer-untitled werewolf novel)
The spirit of this goal would be to submit a new chapter to each meeting of my writing group and thus produce a novel I can edit and feel comfortable sending out for beta reads. Using the writing group meetings as a way to break it up is a good way to keep me progressing.

I’ve worked on this one a number of times, beginning with some scenes posted online and with a previous Nanowrimo attempt, which provided me some good exploratory pages as I tried to figure out where I wanted to go with it. Since then, I’ve been pondering and been doing some mental stewing on the novel. I’ve decided to add another character point of view to the mix and have more clear ideas of the challenges my characters will need to face. The only thing causing me to hesitate at this point is that I don’t have Claire’s voice, which would give me the launch point into the novel. I don’t want to do a ton

Accomplishing this will require me to, as whipchick so wisely put it, “Write First,” which means before I do anything else (TV, reading, websurfing). I’m pretty sure I can pull this off, if I stick to that motto.

2. Work up to running three miles
I really, really, really, really, really want to do this. I’ve tried and failed to complete the Couch-to-5k program, and part of it was because the increases were too quick and partly because my head gets in the way (from “I don’t feel like it” to I can’t!”). Listening to music while I run will help some, and I’m also trying another version of the Couch-to-5k via an iPhone app. The app alerts me as to when to start and stop the running intervals, which takes the metal calculations out of it. I can just listen to my music and do as I’m told.

If anyone has any advice on how to beat the mindf*ck while running, I would love to hear it. I may just start with some affirmations for the time being.

3. Submit a chapbook- or full-length collection of poetry for publication
I have enough poetry written to do this. So it’s just a matter of selecting the poems and putting the package together. I know of one chapbook that’s open for submissions this month, so I’m going to start there. I plan to also submit a larger manuscript to a poetry book publisher that I’ve been looking at for a while. So that means two submissions in January/February.

I may have to follow up this submission with another manuscript in the middle of year, depending on the reply I get.

4. Address finances
This encompasses a number of factors that I may need to work on and adjust to as the year goes on. Essentially, I need to spend with in my means by sticking to a budget and set up a savings plan and making progress to pay off my debt, as well as begin an IRA or other retirement investment plan.

I would also like to earn an additional income from my poetry and fiction writing. I don’t have control over who chooses to publish my work, but I do have control over who I send it to. So, I plan to work toward sending my work to markets that pay something (rather than nothing) as my first choice.

Secondary Goals
– edit stories and submit them to paying markets (try for no less than 6 for year)
– finish Fay Fairburn 1st draft

– perform morning poetry ritual at least six times per week
– submit new poems to paying markets (try for no less than 6 for year)
– begin work on my novel-in-poems idea
– finish 30 letter challenge
– post a new poem to wattpad as a part of The Poetry Project every week
– continue on my series of fairytale inspired poems

– attend FogCon
– attend one additional convention
– attend and/or participate in 12 open mics/readings (1/month)
– attend poetry retreat
– 48 Hour Film Project

– create a system to track money spent/earned as writer and maintain receipts
– create a filing system that functions (which may mean I need to pull my mom in on this for help)

– do yoga five mornings a week (a minimum of three sun salutations each morning)
– keep using calorie counter, but more importantly try to incorporate healthier foods
– make appointments as necessary (don’t avoid doctors)
– participate in sunday/saturday hikes
– participate in Wharf to Wharf run (6 miles)

– adjust my perception of “having enough time,” because it’s not just about having enough, but using the time you have wisely
– meditate for at least ten minutes every morning after yoga & every night before sleep
– do a new set of affirmations every month
– go to monthly women’s circles or other spiritual meetings

At some point I would like to write a spec script and start making some short films, but that may be too much right now with everything else I already have on my plate, so that’s more of a tertiary goal.

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