Who's a good little Chapter One? Why you are!

Current Project: Under the Midday Moon
New Words: 1866
Current Total Word Count: 6,737
Goal: Put together an workable draft of the novel that I would actually let someone read.

Accomplished: A new draft of what I think will be Chapter One. At least, it resembles chapter one, though it may not be chapter one later.

Random Rough Sentence(s): I kissed the top of dad’s head before heading through the door and down into the basement. The stairs led down to a landing and then veered right. The basement was fitted out with a little seating area on the right, a bunch of random boxes on the left, and rows of wine racks along the back wall. One of the racks from the center had been removed, rolled out of the way on hidden wheels. Behind it a steel door with inch thick bars stood open, revealing a stone walled cell.

So, like I said a new Chapter One is down on the page, which works much better than my old chapter one (the version I was previously agonizing over). I’m resisting the urge to go back and reread any of it, because I know I’ll sit there and cringe and start hating everything I’ve just written, if I do. So, I’m going to move on to upcoming scenes, assuming I can just figure out what they are.

In other news: My foot is still acting up and what’s frustrating is I can’t really tell what’s triggering it. If I go on a walk/run it hurts, or sometimes it feels better. If I stay off it, it feels better, or sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it hurts when I ice it. Sometimes it feels better when I ice it. Sometimes when I wear my regular flats, the foot feels fine. Sometimes when I wear the flats it hurts. Same with my comfy tennis shoes. I can’t seem to fully pinpoint what’s causing the resurgence of pain, so I’m not really sure what action to take to make it all better. At this point, I’m planning to just do what I’m going to do and get on with things, because waiting around for it to heal is driving me crazy.

In other, other news: Susie Subaru has been sold, which is both wonderful and a little sad.

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