New Books in Poetry: Black Was Not a Label by Kathryn H. Ross

Black was not a label by Katheryn H Ross

A new episode of the New Books in Poetry podcast is up, in which the fabulous Athena Dixon speaks with Kathryn H. Ross about her book Black Was Not a Label (Pronto, 2019).

Athena writes:

Kathryn H. Ross has found a balance. Between past and present. Between self and ancestors. Between self-discovery and continuous growth. In her hybrid collection, Black Was Not a Label, Ross invites readers into a life unfurling. Through the lenses of natural hair, faith, and microaggressions, she lights a path to what it means to seek self while still honoring the past lives, personal and historical, that connect us all.

Black Was Not a Label (Pronto, 2019) is as soft as it is sharp. Ross is a writer of humanness, one who finds more interest in what we feel than theme. Yet, even in this general warmth, she manages to hone in on topics that have rippled throughout generations. Readers are not allowed to look away from the sometimes ingrained expectations of assimilation nor are we allowed to put down the weight of all that came before us. What she gives us in this collection are the means to carry it with grace and the hope it will become a little lighter.

You can listen to the interview here or on the podcast app of your choice.

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