Things I Own and I Don't Know Why

I don’t have much time to write a new post today (as I ought to), so I’m going to do a throwback with my “Three Things I Own and Don’t Know Why’ video, which you can watch below or by following this link.

For non-video watchers, these three things are:

1. A Multitude of Computer Cords (and I don’t know what they go to)

2. Clothes That No Longer Fit Me

3. A Whatchamacallit

Technical this is supposed to be a Five Things Friday post, so I guess I’ll add:

4. This video was uploaded in August 2009 (so long ago!), so I don’t actually own all these things anymore. The cords have been dispersed to family members and some (not all) of the clothes have finally been donated. The whatchamacallit was finally given away just last week, so I am free of that strangeness, too.

5. I still own a ton of things I don’t know what to do with from craft supplies I have a feeling I’ll never get around to using to old cell phones (like the flip variety) that I’m sure I should be tossed. I think there will always be something or another that I own for strange and unclear reasons.

What about you? What do you own that you don’t know why?

In other news…, have a happy Labor Day weekend! I hope you get to relax and eat good food and do fun things!