La-de-dah and tra-la-la

Things accomplished in writing: Received rejections for the two flash pieces and sent out three poems. Also started Chapter Three, completing 1,200 words. Yay!*

*Honestly, I count the rejections as a yay, too, because it means I’ve been submitting and the process is ongoing.

Incidentally, a large portion of this work was accomplished on Thursday, when upon arriving home from work I wrote and edited new poem to completion (not a napowrimo poem), got a submission package prepped, and wrote 1,000 words of Chapter Three — at which point my head exploded. It took most of the rest of the weekend to pick up the bits of brain and skull and assemble then back into working order.

Things accomplished in health: Two running training workouts and one strength training workout with my trainer — all of which has me feeling great. I think I’m going to count the strength training workout  as a part of my three required days (the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to do three days of running, plus the strength training). If I can manage four days, great, but it’s good to have rest days and it’s not always practical for me to do more than three days. I think the strength training will really help me meet my running goal of reaching three miles, so it should all work out fine.

The one thing I need to start including is some yoga, even just a couple rounds of sun salutations, because I just know that will make my spine feel so much better.

Things accomplished in other stuff: State taxes are done and sent! Woot!

Haven’t made much (or any) progress on my filing, but I started cleaning and organizing my room a bit, because the clutter is killing me. No seriously, I think it’s crawling off the shelves and trying to throttle me in my sleep. Hiding it in the closet isn’t good enough, because I still know the monster’s there.

That which must be accomplished in the coming week:
– Finish Chapter Three of Under the Midday Moon
– Submit something (poetry, fiction, whatever)
– Finish the rest of Napowrimo poems (15 poems in two days O.o)
– Workout at least three days with two workouts being running training (0/3)
– Do three yoga workouts, three sun salutations min. (0/3)
– Sort paperwork out by year for filing
– Either purchase new a new filing cabinet(s), and/or buy folders/large envelopes, and/or go through the process of sorting and putting everything in its place

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