Be gentle with yourself

For a multitude of reasons, I was a quivering ball of stress last week. It was all I could do to just come home and read or watch TV or play video games, let alone be productive. So, I’m going gentle on myself and not giving myself a hard time about not getting much done. I needed the mental break, and that’s okay.

Nevertheless, I recovered enough on Sunday to get another 599 words written on Chapter One and a few new poems down for Napowrimo. It’s not quite done yet, so I’ll need to finish it before Wednesday and get it to my Writing Gang for critique.

Speaking of my Writing Gang, we’ve planned a mini-writing retreat for ourselves. We’ll be spending the weekend at a hotel and have planned out our own idea for a workshop, with writing periods and critique sessions. I’m looking forward to it, both as a chance to get some writing down and as a chance to have a relaxing escape from life right now. It should be fantastic.

Things to do in the coming week:
– Finish off Chapter One of Under the Midday Moon
– Submit something (poetry, fiction, whatever)
– Come up with a writing workshop idea for Writing Gang Retreat
– Workout at least three days (1/3)
– Have a fantastic time at the writing retreat and get lots of words down.

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