Feeling good about life

My biggest accomplishment of last week was getting the poetry manuscript out, which also happens to be my main goals for the year. I’m feeling quite good about that.

Did two days of exercise last week, neither of which included actual running, but I still felt good. I’ve also made it up some today, by walking over four miles today with some running intervals in the last two miles. So, I’m feeling great today.

The financial stuff was put aside last week, and getting that done, in combination with trying to get a short script written at the last minute, will be a priority for this week.

Things to do in the coming week:
– Write and submit horror script for 10 by 10 Short Script Challenge
– Rewrite Chapter One/Write Chapter Two of Novel
– Walk/Run at least three days this week & at least 2 miles each day (1/3)
– Do yoga (three sun salutations minimum) each morning before work (0/5)
– Contact my sisters accountant to find out about setting up an IRA
– Get info and such together to send taxes in.
– Get title transferred on my new car
– Either purchase new a new filing cabinet(s), and/or buy folders/large envelopes, and/or go through the process of sorting and putting everything in its place.
– Contact Apple store or computer guys and get data transferred from the old computer to the new one (may require giving up my computer for a few days) – May hold off on this till next week, which seems to be my ongoing motto here. *sigh*