Lots of steps. No words.

(Look a’ that. Late by only a day this time.)

In terms of exercise, I was a very good girl! I did one morning of yoga and four days of walking and have started incorporating run intervals via the 5K Runner app on the iPhone. So far, it’s working great for me, and I can see how I’m
getting stronger already. Having the intervals managed through a program, rather than my own volition, is helpful. I don’t have to think about it too much, and over thinking and mental stuff has been a big block to my ability to make progress.

In terms of words…, writing last week was a no go. Though things have been gestating and plans are being plotted, which is a form of progress, right? Right? The good news is I have to get my next section of the novel in to the Writing Gang by Wednesday night or Thursday morn this week, so words will be appearing without question this week.

In terms of the poetry collection, oye. I blew through the submission deadline for a chapbook publication that I really, really wanted to try for, so I’m a bit disappointed on that front. But what’s done is done. — WAIT! I just found out the deadline’s been extended! I can totally do this still! There’s another publisher that is looking for full length manuscripts with an upcoming deadline, so I’m thinking I should gear up for that one now.

In terms of financials, no progress has been made.

Things to do in the coming week:
– Rewrite Chapter One/Write Chapter Two of Novel
– Walk/Run at least three days this week & at least 2 miles each day (1/3)
– Do yoga (three sun salutations minimum) each morning before work (1/5)
– Make a list of poems I want to include in the collection
– Make edits to two of the poems I know I want to include
– Contact my sisters accountant to find out about setting up an IRA
– Get info and such together to send taxes in.
– Contact Apple store or computer guys and get data transferred from the old computer to the new one (may require giving up my computer for a few days)

How’s did last week go for you?

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