These Days of Procrastination

I’m in one of those states where I feel so overwhelmed by the every day stuff that I’m having a hard time functioning on any level, let a lone a creative one. I have two birthdays this month, as well as a graduation and several Christmas celabrations, all of which require attendance at events as well as the planning and purchase of gifts, which I can’t even bring myself to think about.

I am avoiding writing my werewolf novel by planning to work on projects for wattpad, which I am also avoiding by kicking up my feet and reading into the night or scanning the social media on my phone. (I’m hoping to counteract this tonight by going to a coffee shop to work rather than going straight home.)

It’s a spiral of avoidance.

To some extent I’m giving myself permission to kick back and relax, because every one needs to have a mental break sometimes. But eventually you have hunker down and get the job done.

So, yeah, I think it’s time to listen to baby.

Victory Baby