I wanna write bad things with you*

Taking a line from Lisa Eckstein’s post, I’m going to share with you that I have been busy doing bad, bad things to my character in the short story I’m currently writing. I’ve been a little less compassionate about the bad things I’ve done to my character, in fact I approached the scene with a certain amount of glee as I attacked her with a multitude of spider-like things that crawled under her skin. (There may be something wrong with me.) Though, as I’m not writing a novel, I’m not as attached to this character as I might otherwise be.

The fun of typing up that scene, as well as other strange and surreal scenes (none of which connect into a coherent story yet) allowed me to plow through almost 2,000 words Wednesday night, which gives me a warm cozy feeling and makes me believe that I might actually finish this story, and have time to edit and submit it to Awesome Anthology.

What bad things have you done to your characters? Do you feel sorry for doing it to them?


In other news, Z-composition, a new horror, scifi, fantasy lit-zine I recently submitted to, is looking for artists to create a new fancy banner for their website. They’re hoping for bids (which I’m assuming means they will pay a bit), so anyone interested ought to check it out.

Also, here is a rather amusing post about the strange and funny things fans say and do around authors.

*I’m humming along to to the True Blood theme song, as I write this.

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