NPR's Top 100 "Killer Thrillers"

Since I cannot resist a list, I feel I should mention that NPR has up their audience picked list of the best 100 thriller books. They range from horror novels to spy games to mysteries. There are some I have read, some I really should read (I’m looking at you Children of Men), and some I probably won’t ever read (The Da Vinci Code, for example).

So, I’ve only read ten out of the 100 books (I”m not a big thriller reader, though I love horror), and of the ten, six are by Stephen King (due to my fixation with his books in high school).

7. The Shining, by Stephen King< (Loved this one when I read it. In fact, maybe I should read it again. Hmmm.)
12. The Stand, by Stephen King (Another King fav.)
14. Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton (I actually read this for my freshman English class, and it was good fun.)
17. The Andromeda Strain, by Michael Crichton (Good, but not super memorable to me though.)
22. It, by Stephen King (Ooooh. Yes. This one gave me some joyful chills.)
37. Salem’s Lot, by Stephen King (Mmm. Battling vampires…)
44. Pet Sematary, by Stephen King (Yeah… This one was fab, too.)
45. Dead Zone, by Stephen King (As I was saying…)
74. Feed, by Mira Grant (This was a great read. I <3 zombie politics.)

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