Writing Portfolio

Passionate about crafting compelling stories, I have over 15 years of experience as a writer and editor of both technical and creative content — including feature articles and interviews, online news, newsletters, and social platforms. In regards to creative writing,  I’ve published fiction and poetry.

Industry & Technology Articles


Diving into the Deep: Embracing the Risks of the Writing Life (Write Wild, February 2021)

On Synchronicity, or Meaningful Coincidences (Once Upon the Weird, January 2020)

Beyond Shahrazad: Feminist Portrayals of Women in the One Thousand and One Nights (Cosgrrrl, July 2019)


Running Through a Monster Infested Landscape with ‘Stela’ (Once Upon the Weird, January 2020)

Brown Girl Comes Into Her Power in a Dystopian Future (Once Upon the Weird, January 2020)

The Mythical Half-Women of Laura Madeline Wiseman’s Drink (Medium, March 2019)

Industry & Technology Articles

Hydro Cressona Serves Automotive Industry with New Highly Automated Press Line (LMA, December 2020)

Ellwood Embarks on a Journey to the Lighter Side with New Aluminum Casting Complex (LMA, August 2020)

A True Reinvention of Metallurgy: HRL Develops High Strength Aluminum Alloy Powders for Additive Manufacturing (LMA, October 2019)

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 – Mission to the Moon Made Possible with Aluminum (LMA, July 2019)

Karmøy Technology Pilot: World Leader in Primary Aluminum Energy Efficiency (LMA, February 2018)

The Future is Electric: Automotive EVs Add Fuel to Lightweighting Initiatives (LMA, October 2017)


Poet Spotlights

Melissa Eleftherion on survival and how language reshapes our perception of the world (October 2019)

Sarah Ann Winn on reclaimed fairy tales and the octopus in the jar (August 2019)

Ashley Miranda on surrealism, pop culture, and navigating trauma (May 2019)

Sara Ryan on taxidermy and beauty in the uncanny (March 2019)

New Books In Poetry Podcast

Roy G. Guzmán – Catrachos (December 2020)

Chelsea Wagenaar – The Spinning Place (July 2020)

Franny Choi – Soft Science (February 2020)

Emily Skaja – Brute (November 2019)

Jason Bayani – Locus (October 2019)