Narrative Writing Portfolio

My enthusiasm spills over for well-crafted stories — whether they comes in the form of games, movies, or fiction.

For the past two decades, I have pursued this love of storytelling through the writing of fiction, poetry, film scripts, and now games. My work has been published in three chapbooks, as well as a number of online and print publications. It has also been nominated for several awards, including Sundress Best of the Net, Pushcart Prize, Rhysling Award, and Independent Best American Poetry.

My particular passion is for speculative worlds (fantasy, scifi, and horror) that delve into the dark and strange, set characters up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and explore what it means to be human.

Game Writing

“Bluebeard,” Twine game, in development (sample available upon request) – When a newly wed woman returns home with her husband, she begins to unravel his deadly secrets.

Film Scripts

“Firecracker” (watch short film) – A young woman learns the true meaning of independence on the Fourth of July.

Written by Jordan Rosa, Andrea Blythe, and David Kruschke and directed by David A. Daniels, “Firecracker” was written, produced, and edited within 48 hours in 2008.

“The Perfect Life,” web series in development (read sample script) – A woman longing for the perfect life turns to her stuffed animals as companions when her long distance boyfriend dumps her.


How Bluebeard Ends,” Corvid Queen, June 28, 2019 –

“The cabinet stays closed and locked always. The plain solid wood, glossy and slick, houses a simple iron lock. It is only opened when the nightmares come, a flash of red in the dark of her sleep wetly filling up her soul with sticky fear.”

A Dream of This Life,” Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 035, September 2018 –

“The shadows are thicker than they should be. They fill up the corners of the room, pool under the crate that serves as a TV stand, nestle into the discarded clothing and wadded up fast food wrappers on the floor.”

Missed Connections / Red Head at the House of Needles,” Drunk Monkeys, August 2018 –

“i am normally not the kind of dog who whistles at women on the street or stalks them with my eyes. i figure ladies have enough to worry about without some creeper giving them a hard time”

The Shadow’s Flight,” Slink Chunk Press, December 2016 –

“The Shadow peels itself from the station wall and balloons into a human shape, stretching toward the image of adulthood and managing only a lanky adolescence.”