• Pantheon, ELJ Publications, forthcoming in August 2017
  • The First Kiss and Other Poems, Sept 2007 — A hand-folded, six-page mini-chapbook, awarded to those who donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a part of my Hike For Discovery experience.


  • “Beware of Attics,” Undead: A Poetry Anthology of Ghouls, Ghosts, and More, forthcoming
  • “How to Open a Jar of Honey,” We Can Make Your Life Better, University of Hell Press, forthcoming
  • “The Tenth Sister,” Write Like You’re Alive 2016, Zoetic Press, September 2016
  • “Red Riding Hood Remembers,” Myth+Magic Anthology, Pork Belly Press, September 2015
  • “Red Riding Hood Remembers,” The 2013 Rhysling Anthology, Science Fiction Poetry Association, 2013.
  • “Bird Collides with Window,” A Blackbird Sings: a book of small poems, Woodsmoke Press, 2012 [ US | UK | Kindle ]

Individual Poems – Available Online

Individual Poems – Cont.

  • “Because Her Face Fades,” cowritten with Laura Madeline Wiseman, Faery Magazine #36, Autumn 2016
  • “The Sea Witch,” “The Untasted Apple,” and “Trajectory,” Linden Avenue, Anniversary Issue 13, June 2013
  • “The Teeth that are Teeth,” Z-composition (on Google+), February 2012
  • “Beware of Attics,” Chiaroscuro (ChiZine), Vol. 47a, April 2011
  • “Dear Tree,” “Schrodinger Haiku,” and “white cat in a windowsill,” Bear Creek Haiku, #94, 2010
  • “Gretel,” Chiaroscuro (ChiZine), Vol. 44, April 2010
  • “India,” Bear Creek Haiku #87, Spring 2009
  • “Interrupted,” Bear Creek Haiku #86, Spring 2009
  • “lluvia,” Bear Creak Haiku #70, Fall 2007
  • “The Morning’s Alchemist,” Red Wheelbarrow, Student Edition, Spring 2007
  • “The First Kiss” and “Buddha Knows,” Ascent Aspirations, Volume 10, No. 4, November 2006
  • “Once Upon a Time in China,” Chinquapin, Spring 2002

Works in Progress

Sincerely Yours, In Spirit, If Not Yet In Body
Length: chapbook
Pages: 17
Description: A literary collection of letters in poems or poems in letters.
Status: seeking publication

Empty Altars
Length: chapbook/book
Pages: ~30-40
Description: A literary collection of letters in poems or poems in letters, many inspired by the 30 Day Letter Challenge
Status: drafting

Untitled Novel in Poems
Length: book
Pages: undetermined
Description: Snow White is cursed to a sleep that is more than sleep, while her sister Rose Red incites rebellion.
Status: brainstorming and drafting