Sites for Writers

  • 3 Word Wednesday – a weekly writing prompt
  • Duotrope Digest – searchable database of publishing markets
  • Evil Editor – analyzes query letters from would-be writers and other helpful things
  • Forward Motion – a community of writers, provides forums and discussion
  • Miss Snark – no longer active, but there’s tons of snarky advice for writers in the archives
  • National Novel Writing Month – a challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel in the month of November
  • One Minute Writer – provides prompts for one minute writing challenges
  • Poets & Writers – excellent resource for writing related articles and advice
  • Seventh Sanctum – has multiple writing, character, theme, etc. generators for randomized inspiration
  • Write or Die – Dr. Wicked provides punishments for writers who need incentives to keep writing

People Who Rock

  • Ani DiFranco – independent musician and all around righteous babe
  • An Xiao – photographer, poet, Buddhist, and generally awesome
  • C.E. Murphy – author of Urban Shaman and The Queen’s Bastard (and from whom I borrowed layout ideas for my own site)
  • Cherie Priest – author of Boneshaker
  • Cliff Brooks – horror writer, cat owner, fellow Ani DiFranco lover
  • Jackson Pearce – author of the forthcoming As You Wish
  • Katy Davis – artist and animator extraordinaire
  • Kristin Nelson – a perfectly polite literary agent who rants about publishing
  • Lisa Snellings – sculptor of poppets and other darkly brilliant art
  • Lise Quintana – fellow writer and aspirant, and all around super star
  • Mark Stratton – fellow poet and aspirant
  • Neil Gaiman – author of The Sandman graphic novels and American Gods
  • Nicholas Kaufmann – author of Walk in Shadows and Jack Haringa Must Die
  • Penelope Dullaghan – artist and illustrator
  • Seanan McGuire – author of Rosemary and Rue and queen of the zombies. Her evil twin is Mira Grant.
  • Wil Wheaton – actor and author of Just a Geek and Dancing Barefoot